Developer Setup - Old


Semblage is built using the Godot game engine (using GDScript), and a plugin for Godot called Godot Python. Both of these need to be installed, along with a set of dependencies, for Semblage to work properly. This guide will walk developers through that process, and will also explain the export process to get a Semblage package ready for distribution. These steps should be similar (but not exactly the same) on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Godot Installation

Godot is a single file distributable, which can be downloaded here. The version that is currently used for Semblage is 3.3.x. Download the package for your operating system, and extract it. There should be a binary within the archive. Put this in a location where it is easy to run during the development process.

godot-python Installation

There are installation instructions in the godot-python readme, but the steps below should result in a working Godot Python installation.

  1. Start Godot
  2. Click on the AssetLib tab
  3. Click in the search box and enter python
  4. Click the Search button
  5. Click on the PythonScript item
  6. In the dialog that comes up, click the Download button
  7. Once the download is complete, click the Install... button
  8. Click the Install button in the Package Installer dialog

It will take some time, but once the installation is complete, click the OK button and you should be able to move to the next step.

Install pip in Godot Python Environment

These paths here are based on the Linux operating system. Change the path style to match your operating system, and replace x11-64 with the directory for your operating system. You may need to set the execute bit for the python3.8 binary in Linux and MacOS.

  1. Install pip in the godot-python environment: ./addons/pythonscript/x11-64/bin/python3.8 -m ensurepip

pip Requirements Installation

Change the path style to match your operating system, and replace x11-64 with the directory for your operating system.

  1. Install Semblage Python requirements: ./addons/pythonscript/x11-64/bin/python3.8 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

CadQuery Library Installation

If you do not care about updating CadQuery, it can be cloned or downloaded from GitHub, and then the cadquery directory can be copied to the ./addons/pythonscript/x11-64/lib/python3.8/site-packages directory. You can choose whether or not to install the latest master, or a stable version.

Manual OCP DLL Installation

The OCP library and its dependencies must be downloaded and copied to the correct directory manually. Use the following steps, modifying the paths and x11-64 directory name to fit your operating system.

  1. Download the latest cq-cli dir package from GitHub.
  2. Extract the archive.
  3. Copy all the files from the directory except cq-cli.
  4. Past the files into either the ./addons/pythonscript/x11-64/lib or ./addons/pythonscript/x11-64/DLL directory. Do not overwrite any files that are already in the directory.